AKT!ONF!KT!ON articulates a critical discourse on schemes of sensational advertisement and propaganda in a satirical manner. The german term Aktion refers to action as well as to special offer or sale. The ordinary sticker which is usually used to advert special offers is modified and the word Aktion is replaced by various keywords such as Fiktion (engl.: fiction), Reaktion (engl.: reaction), Information (engl.: information) and by dotted lines. The catchy flock print stickers are placed on the dadaesque garments.

Advertisement is a sort of propaganda and is used to manipulate, to arouse desires. The utilized stylistic devices on which the discourse is accomplished are the Russian Avantgarde, Soviet culture, the Memphis Group and New Wave pop culture.

Backstage Photos: Anna-Sophie Berger

Show Photos: Shoji Fuji for Show Angewandte 12