STOP/////////////// relates to the Haçienda, the legendary nightclub and music venue in Manchester between 1982 and 1997. While in the first years the place, which was owned by the cult label Factory Records, was famous for wave music and a variety of genres beyond stereotypical thinking in musical categories, the Haçienda later became a renowned birthplace for acid house and rave, leading to manchester rave. Ben Kelly designed the nightclub with industrial elements as unblanked steel steams and supporting columns that were painted with stripes to resemble barrier tapes. He was referring to construction sides. This is a reference that was also often used by the early rave culture, for example the cult of wearing protective clothing.

Workwear and new form of functionality is likewise important for the collection. Another source of inspiration for the collection are rough early underground rave flyers as well as the typical Factory Records artworks and flyers by Peter Saville. The collection is based on a multifunctional, draped top with a rectangular pattern. The top can be seen as a object as well as a garment. It can be unfold to retrieve the flat rectangle. Aluminum rings are attached and give the possibility to hook up bags and/or whistles.

The colors revolve around typical industrial schemes. The title of the collection refers to street signs and stripes. STOP is an universal expression. It also means to stop in a literal sense – we are living in a postmodern time, music is living from it‘s inventive past.

Show Photos: Shoji Fuji

Lookbook Photos: Katharina Reckendorfer